You’ll never have to wait on hold to book a GP again with HealthEngine’s easy app

Whether it’s ordering donuts delivered to your door, or requesting a ride to the airport, these days we’ve become accustomed to ‘services on demand’ as a seamless part of our everyday life. So when we are sick and need to see a doctor, the idea of having to wait until office hours to call for an appointment, only to be on hold for 10 minutes listening to elevator jazz seems so 2007!

HealthEngine is Australia’s top rating healthcare app and website that connects patients with available GP appointments, making booking simple and easy. Over one million Aussies are already using HealthEngine, and if you haven’t tried it yet, here’s five ways it will empower the way you manage your healthcare.

1 – Book anytime, day or night

We all know sickness has the worst timing. Your kids wake up with a stomach bug at 2am or you develop a burning fever at the Sunday afternoon footy game. Or that agonising wait for your doctor’s surgery to eventually open, knowing you’ll be on hold whilst your tonsils enlarge by the second and everyone else nabs the best timeslots – we’ve all been there. The good news is with HealthEngine you can search and book doctors appointments anytime of the day or night, leaving you to curl up with the Netflix and chicken soup.

2 – Find GPs nearby

Travelling away from home but forgot your prescription? Need to book an appointment for an older relative but you’re unfamiliar with doctors in the area? The good news is HealthEngine lets you find the closest GPs to your current location, or alternatively to search all doctors in a specific suburb at once.

3 – Visibility of appointment times

Ever get the feeling the receptionist is only offering you the 11am slot to fill up their morning, when really you’d prefer to book for the afternoon? HealthEngine’s practice listings show all available timeslots for your doctor, on all days, all at once – letting you choose the most convenient appointment for your lifestyle.

4 – For more than just doctors

Pulled a hamstring? Chipped a tooth? Can’t read the fine print? Or just need to talk? Thousands of local physiotherapists, chiropractors, dentists, optometrists, psychologists and more, are just a click away with HealthEngine. Plus you can browse clinics by specialty, including mole checks, women’s health and travel vaccinations.

5 – Go five star

Unimpressed with your current doctor and think the only new ideas they have are the glossy magazine version on their waiting room coffee table? The HealthEngine site lets you read practice reviews from other users to see what patients are saying about the service they receive at a clinic before you decide to book. Plus you can post a review of your own experiences.

With today’s connected lifestyles, looking after your health should be easier than ordering a super supreme with extra cheese. And now it is thanks to HealthEngine. Take control and put your health in your hands by downloading the free HealthEngine app from the App Store or Google Play, or by visiting the HealthEngine website.