Bronte Cullis: Eating Disorders, Life And A Happy Ending

Bronte Cullis

Anorexia is an illness that for a long time, both here and overseas, wasn’t spoken about as freely as it is today. Nor were there many treatment facilities on hand to help people with eating disorders. And to make matters worse, those who suffered from anorexia were often marginalised and misunderstood by society at large.

One such person who endured the debilitating condition is Bronte Cullis, who several decades ago was literally the face, and body, of anorexia in Australia after appearing on 60 Minutes with Ray Martin. In fact, at the time many people didn’t believe that Bronte would make it past her teen years. Fortunately she did overcome anorexia and has gone on to help highlight important issues related to body image and the destructive nature of the relentless drive for the ‘body perfect’, especially for young people.

Bronte Cullis, says:

“No Australian should have to travel half way round the world to receive treatment in order to live. It is so important that sufferers of eating disorders can remain with their families and have access to treatment that is humane, dignified, and works! It is our right to be loved, nurtured and understood. These most fundamental rights should not differ because we suffer from an eating disorder.”

The most wonderful news of all is that she married the love of her life and is now expecting her first child. The news of her pregnancy was something she never thought she would ever hear. Now that’s a very, very happy ending indeed!

Bronte runs the charity The Bronte Foundation, which aims to ensure that all sufferers of eating disorders benefit from life-saving treatment. It was established in response to the need for equitable access to effective, humane and dignified treatment.

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Image source: A Current Affair Facebook page.