Carly Findlay: Appearance Activist

Carly Findlay

Carly Findlay is a Melbourne based writer, speaker, TV presenter, avid blogger, and “appearance activist”. She also has a a rare and severe genetic skin condition called Ichthyosis form erythroderma, meaning scaly red skin.

Carly has been blogging since 2001 and uses her blog, Carly Findlay, to provide inspiring and motivational content that encourages people to get the best out of life. Her blog also raises awareness about issues of appearance diversity and chronic illness and to communicate the challenges and triumphs of looking visibly different. Carly’s blog entries are even being used by teachers to help educate year 9 students about diversity and acceptance. Furthermore, Carly’s inspiring story, Talking to People with a Visible Difference, is being used in the curriculum at the Australian College of Physical Education.

Her articles have appeared in numerous publications including Mama Mia, The Hoopla, The Peach, The Punch and in Frankie Magazine. Carly also holds a Masters of Communication – her thesis examined how blogging helps people with chronic illnesses form a sense of identity. She playfully describes doing a thesis examining her own blog as “narcissism squared”.

She has spoken at the AYAD Human Rights Forum as a part of National Youth Week, at the Healthivate conference, and ABC Radio’s Life Matters program about skin hunger. Carly Findlay has also discussed issues around visible difference and resilience at the Multiple Sclerosis Australia conference, and presented two master classes there too – one on blogging and the other on social media.

Carly Findlay has also been nominated for a Pride of Australia Medal in the Courage category. She works full time for the government, loves live music, fashion and food.

BUPA Health Influencer Blog Awards 2013

Carly Findlay was also the Positive Life Change – Category Winner at the inaugural BUPA Health Influencer Blog Awards in July 2013 for her Carly Findlay blog.

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BUPA Health Influencer Blog Awards


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BUPA Badge Positive Life Change winner

You can also find Carly on:

Twitter:       @carlyfindlay