Cindy Luken: From Biscuit Queen to Luk Beautifood and HealthEngine App User

Cindy Luken uses HealthEngine App

Cindy Luken is a happy mother, wife and blogger, ex bikkie baker extraordinaire(!) and founder of lük beautifood, a boutique business making edible natural lipstick with a fresh online destination to inspire women to nourish their beauty to delicious inside and out.

She is a ‘mature mama’ meaning she left having kids until later in life – Karl (now 6) was born when Cindy was 39 & Ciara (now 5) at 41. Her hubStar (as she refers to him) of 20+ years is in his late 50′s and works in the marine industry.

Cindy says…

We left the run late as I was previously known as the Bikkie Queen having created the gourmet biscuit brands Luken & May & Bite Me in the 90′s. After reaching over $5m in turnover within 5 years I unexpectedly sold (all good!) the business and took time off to renew, explore, be creative and get into babyland mindset. And we did the latter with gusto! We planned that after #2 was born we would pack up house in Sydney, rent it out and live in France and barge the canals for 18 months! We were totally immersed in babyland …our barge looked like a floating pre-school except there were no teachers….and lots of red wine, cheese and croissants!

Part of that planning process also involved Cindy wanting to have another business (which turned out to be luk beautifood) as she knew she would need something to keep her mind active, provide independent income and be flexible enough to do from home so she was ‘always’ there for her little ones. To grow a ‘following’ she decided to blog the journey behind the creation of her next business. From Biscuits to Beauty via babies and barging…..!

Cindy also runs Table of Fabulousness for start up and small business owner. It is a private network of like-minded women who meet monthly for lunch or dinner to discuss where they are in their business, what wins or pitfalls they have had and can share their latest findings on how to make things including life easier. Most are mums returning to work or quitting corporate life.

And now she is a HeathEngine App advocate too!

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“WOW. My Dr’s at Cremorne came up at the top of the list on HealthEngine….and I spent 3 hrs there yesterday with 2 kids @#$%^.”


What Do I Write About?

BEAUTY | FOOD | LIFE and all that it dishes up. I am passionate about the power of food and how it can make you look & feel. My mantra is all about ” be delicious….inside & out”. I am a big believer that eating well is the secret recipe to success and happiness. So I try and share that belief with personal stories, write recipes, give tips & tricks and prepare science based articles etc. As a food scientist & cook (had my own catering company) I explain what’s in food and how it benefits all things related to beauty – your skin, energy, weight etc.  I relate this to how you feel and ultimately about how feeling & looking good gives you the confidence to follow your dreams and not compare yourself with the next person. I have my own manifesto on what true beauty is. I also love taking photographs, it is a fabulous way to relax and be creative whilst having an end purpose for the creative outcomes.

I don’t find writing the easiest thing in the world, it takes too much time. I over analyse and am not sure what I should and should not share. I’d prefer to tell the stories and have someone else turn them into good content. I am conscious we are in a period of information over load and I don’t want to add to your ‘to do’ list. I want to create solutions and I am yet to work out how to do that. I have so much to share to help other mothers and like-minded women to find beauty, health and happiness.

What Do I Do?

Cindy is the founder and creator of lük beautifood. It is a modern, online boutique beauty business mixing FOOD + BEAUTY + LIFE. lük beautifood harnesses the natural, delicious and nutritious actives in healthy food to create a menu of delicious Lip Nourish, creme-soft sheer natural lipstick that nourishes, hydrates and protects your lips.  Much of what goes on your lips is absorbed or ingested when you eat or lick your lips. lük beautifood believes in using natural, good for you foods fused with beauty and nutrition to get the best results – why would you put anything on your lips you wouldn’t eat. To support the lük beautifood philosophy of “beauty-from-food” Cindy created the Beauty Kitchen to provide a ‘simple recipe for beauty wellbeing’. Here, inspiring information is diced up on beauty-full ingredients and how they benefit your skin (fight wrinkles, dryness, inflammation etc). There are fabulous recipes, cooking demo’s (coming) and a ‘Table of Deliciousness’ classes where she dishes up a plate full of passion to show you how you really can ‘eat yourself beautiful’.

How Do I Manage My Health?  

Eat well. Exercise. Laugh. Be spontaneous. Get plenty of sleep and relaxation. Don’t work too hard. Get out doors. Keep busy. Do what I love (work). And hope like hell the income (aka no stress) will follow!

First and foremost eating a balanced diet with lots of fresh, unprocessed food is mandatory. I bake, make and take food with me so we reduce the exposure to artificial colours, flavours, unhealthy fats, sugar and additives. This does not mean that my kids don’t eat lollies or avoid parties, i just spend a lot of time explaining, demonstrating and getting kids involved in preparing and eating real food so they learn to taste and feel the difference. I am not anti dairy or gluten or meat or a raw food aficionado. We are a busy family who have learnt how to eat healthy & together, have a repertoire of fabulous recipes and resources to make life easier. I am a big believer that a healthy digestive tract will ensure the body is in tip top condition: lots of fibre and probiotics are essential, natural yoghurt (i.e. can control the sugar and avoid the additives) & Yakult are at the top of the shopping list. We love colourful fresh fruit & vegetables & because of  my background I know what nutrients are in different foods so can ensure we are getting a mix of vitamins, minerals and phyto nutrients to help protect and heal our bodies. Cold pressed juices & wholefood smoothies (not talking ice cream) start our day…. not every day but at least three days in the week.

Stress management is key to keeping us healthy so our body is working at its best possible. That means we hate to rush, love our sleep and love to get outdoors. Yes we use computers and iPads and the littlest one watches TV in the afternoon but we don’t laze around. We live near the bush and love going on walks. Family bike rides are cool!

I use to do yoga – my husband still does – and it’s on my list to get back into but meanwhile I love the early morning for walking & stretching before the hubby leaves the house at 7am. I have a bike too… that way i can get the heart pumping but it has been gathering dust in the last few months as I launched my new website.

I also live a pretty low tox lifestyle. My skincare and makeup is natural or organic, our house cleaning detergents etc. are green, we have our own edible garden with a worm compost and a couple of chooks running around the back yard. The kids don’t (touch wood) have any allergies or ailments – there was some eczema when Ciara was a 1 year old and then again at 3 but that seems to have cleared up. There were no particular treatment beside being adamant about no artificial colours and eating more essential fatty acid foods like avocado and salmon.

We have been going to the same doctor for over 20 years in Cremorne. Every 2 years for the last 15 we have had a “Full Body Check” to ensure everything is order. It’s about preventative health in our house. I have taken antibiotics twice in the last 15 years. The 6 year old has had them less than half a dozen times but the littlest one seems to have suffered her fair share of colds and runny noses, I think because she has gone to pre-school 5 days a week for 3 hrs a day since she was 3 so has been more exposed to what’s going around. We also go to the dentist at least once a year for a check up & clean. At 46 I still have not had a filling! We are in pretty good shape!

And now HealthEngine will make scheduling those health appointments so much easier!