Fast Ed Halmagyi Shares His Health Tips

Fast Ed Halmagyi - Better Homes and Gardens

Fast Ed Halmagyi is one of Australia’s best-loved TV chefs and food authors, better known as the cooking presenter on Seven’s Better Homes and Gardens, where he transforms gourmet style restaurant cuisine into recipes that anyone can prepare from their kitchen bench at home. Achievable, time-conscious, family-friendly cooking is his signature dish which comes with a side plate of his motto – “when you do less, the ingredients can do more!”

Ed has more than 20 years experience cooking in some of the world’s best restaurants, both in Australia and overseas, and his chef’s insider tips and tricks can also be found in any of his books: ‘Nove Cucina’, ‘Dinner in 10’, ‘An Hour’s the Limit’, and ‘The Food Clock’.

Fast Ed Halmagyi’s philosophy of food is simple: cooking is a process of transformation where simple yet perfect flavours become unforgettable meals. For Ed, it’s all about “great food, made easy”!

1. How Do You Manage Your Health? (i.e. tips)

I run or workout almost every day. There was a time when I used to run 14-20 km most days and did a few marathons each year – but the years are catching up with me, yet I still manage at least 7-8 km most mornings. I mix it up with a bit of swimming, some gym workouts and a bit of hot yoga.

2. Any Special Diet Or Exercise Routine?

Diet? Are you kidding? With my job? No, I just try to eat healthy and let the rest take care of itself.

3. Do You Have A Passion For Any Health Advocacy & Why – i.e. Breast Cancer?

Absolutely. While there are loads of organisations who advocate for the manageable diseases, there are a part of healthy management that usually falls between the cracks – i.e. palliative care. In particular, kids palliative care. Around 5,000 children in Australia are lost to disease, injury and accidents each year. It’s an issue that’s really hard to talk about, but so absolutely necessary. I work closely with Bear Cottage, a respite and end-of-life residential facility in Sydney that caters to the needs of kids from all over Australia. It’s the hardest of jobs, and the work the staff do there is remarkable.

4. How Often Do You Go To The Doctor And Dentist For A Checkup?

Doctor – as little as possible. Then again, I’m rarely sick. I get a check up every year whether I need it or not. As for the dentist, twice a year. You can’t take healthy teeth for granted.

In 2012, Seven’s Better Homes and Gardens was awarded a record 10th Silver Logie for Australia’s Most Popular Lifestyle Program. The series is now in its 18th season.

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