Welcome to HealthEngine’s exclusive beta program

What is the HealthEngine beta program?
The beta program gives you early access to new versions of the HealthEngine app. Our development team has spent the last several months rethinking and redesigning the app to create a better and more intuitive experience. When you join the beta, you’ll be able to download this new version of the app on your device.

Why should I participate in the beta?
You can have a huge impact on the future of the HealthEngine app by participating in the beta and providing your feedback. We’d love to see what you think about the new version – is it easy to use, do you like the new design, what could be improved? Getting feedback during the beta period helps us make improvements before we release this new version to all users.

Are all features available in the beta app?
No – some features will not become available until the new version of the app is publicly released to all users.  

      What you can do as part of beta

  • Search for your regular doctor or other available practices in your preferred area
  • View profiles and save your favourites to My Care Team for easy access
  • See available appointment times
  • Book and manage your appointments

      What you can’t do as part of beta

  • Manage your HealthEngine account
  • View your past appointments

How can I join the beta?
iPhone users:
We use Apple’s preferred method of distribution (called Testflight) to provide access to the beta app. Please follow the below instructions:

  1. Tap this link on your mobile device: https://testflight.apple.com/join/saBpPHiA
  2. Follow the instructions in Step 1 to download  the Testflight app on your device
  3. Follow the instructions in Step 2 to Accept and tartest testing the HealthEngine Beta
  4. In the Testflight app and tap “Install” HealthEngine Beta

Android users:
Join our beta program by accepting our Google Play invitation.

  1. Tap this link on your mobile device & select Become a Tester https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.healthengine.androidkotlin 
  2. On the next screen, follow the instructions and tap ‘download it on Google Play’
  3. Tap Install on the Google Play store listing

How do I provide feedback?
Email us at betaprogram@healthengine.com.au. All feedback and suggestions are welcome – our Mobile Product Manager is keen to get your thoughts! This email address will also be easily accessible in the app itself.

Can I still switch back to the existing HealthEngine app?
Of course! We encourage you to use the beta version as much as you can – including booking any appointments you may need with your doctor. But since not all features are available in the beta app, we understand that you may need to switch back to the existing HealthEngine app. Both versions of the app will be available on your device at the same time.

Is the beta version available to everyone?
No, it’s invite-only to select HealthEngine users. You’ve received an exclusive invitation, please do not forward to others. 

When will the new app be released to all users?
End of March

Have questions?
We’d love to hear from you. Send us a note at betaprogram@healthengine.com.au