Launching the “Michelin Stars” for Health

David Broadway Photography
by Dr Marcus Tan HealthEngine CEO and Medical Director

Many of you would be familiar with Michelin Stars in the restaurant industry. This program is about celebrating those restaurants that provide outstanding service and quality to their patrons. We want to do the same in health, celebrate and reward those practices that are providing a fantastic service to their patients.

Our recently launched Practice Recognition Program does exactly this. We’ve spent over 12 months gathering patient feedback on your practice and are now publishing the positive feedback on your profile. But like the Michelin Stars we are only celebrating the good, only publishing practices that have a rating over 80%. We also ensure that these practices have 10 or more votes over the past 12 months. This is intended to be a positive and aspirational program that conforms with AHPRA guidelines.

The other great thing about this program is that it is genuine. Only patients that have booked and attended your practice can review you. This is unlike many online “review”                                               systems in the market. The only way practices can achieve and maintain high recognition                                                            is to continuously provide quality service.

We aim for this program to assist in driving better care and services from practices and help patients make more informed decisions about their health options. In developing the program we consulted with peak bodies such as the Australian Medical Association, Australian General Practice Association Limited, and the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. Feedback provided by these organisations was taken into account to ensure the program’s fairness and appropriateness.

Please note that the main difference between this program and traditional rating and review sites is that practices have full control of what reviews get published and can choose to opt out at any time.

If you would like further information regarding the HealthEngine Practice Recognition Program, please feel free to view our FAQ’s.