Mental Health At Work

Mental health at work is becoming a much more important issue nowadays with the dramatic rise in mental illness across the globe.

In this video, Ingrid Poulson speaks at MH@Work’s inaugural conference, “Mental Healthiness, Adversity and Resilience at Work”, about the need to build resilience in the workplace.

Building Resilience

The ability to ‘bounce back’, or what is otherwise known as resilience, is often something we don’t know we have until tragedy strikes, we go through some sort of heart ache, heartbreak, illness, bereavement, or suffering. And yet, resilience is not some sort of genetic predisposition but rather it’s composed of skills, thoughts and behaviours that can help us cope and rise again after being rock bottom. But most important of all – it is one of life’s precious gifts that can be learned by everyone.

About Ingrid Poulson

Ingrid Poulson has had her own journey of tragedy. In 2003, Ingrid Poulson’s estranged husband killed their two young children and Ingrid’s father. Despite the overwhelming grief, Ingrid chose to start with survival and build from there. She recognised her resilience and chose to rise to the challenge of overcoming unimaginable tragedy. 

In her book Rise, published in 2008, Ingrid highlights how she coped with her own circumstances and shows us how to respond when the worst possible things happen in your life. Through the four main components of her program of resilience – Resolve, Identity, Support and Everyday resilience – she shares the skills and practices she has developed to not only survive but to live a rich and rewarding life.

Very few people have had to endure events such as those that Ingrid experienced. But in the end, everyone has to deal with challenges, hardships and grief in everyday life. Being resilient in the face of these can mean the difference between getting through troubled times and living life to the fullest, and buckling under the pressure.

“In the few short years since the event that left me with nothing, I have been told that I have a charmed life, that I’m lucky and that I am the subject of envy. Many, many people have asked me how I do it, how I survive, and this book is the answer to that question.”

Ingrid has a Masters in cognitive science, is an author, and a qualified teacher and trainer.