New iOS App Feature: Favourite Your Practice

We’re always looking for ways to improve our service to practices and patients. The most recent update to our iOS app does exactly this, increasing the accessibility of your appointments to your patients and allowing them to book on their mobile.

So what’s changed and how will the favourite feature benefit my practice? Read on to find out.

What is the favourite feature?
When your practice is selected as a favourite it will appear on the home screen of the patient’s app. With one click all your appointments will be displayed to the patient. No searching necessary. This makes finding and booking their next appointment at your practice even quicker. We’ve timed it and on average it’s around 6 seconds!

What are the benefits for your practice?
With 89% of Australians owning a smart phone* this little device is becoming more and more a part of everyday life and tasks, including booking health appointments. The favourite feature allows your practice to offer patients an app and increases the accessibility of your appointments.  The favourite feature is designed specifically for existing patients, maximising repeat patient visits and supporting continuity of care.

How does a patient favourite your practice?
When a patient opens the app they can search for your practice in the favourites section by clicking the + icon.


Once the patient selects your practice as a favourite, they will be able to find and book appointments at your practice via the app. Your practice will appear on the home screen of the app.


When a patient opens the app in your practice they will be prompted to favourite your practice.

App prompt

What appointments will be available?
Once your practice is favourited, the patient will have access to all your published appointments. This includes any appointments that you have listed on and any appointments that you have listed on your practice website.


Are there any additional costs?
No, listing on the favourite section of the app is included as part of your Online Booking System.

How do I promote the app in my practice?
To support you in promoting the app we have added an additional SMS feature to your Online Booking System that can be enabled in your practice. Please note this is only available with the following Practice Management Software; Best Practice,  Pracsoft, ZedMed, Practice 2000, PPMP and Front Desk. When your patients next visit your practice they will receive a once off communication. The communication is sent when you place a patient in the waiting room within your practice management software. The SMS informs the patient that you now have an app for online bookings and prompts them to download the free app.


When the patient opens the app they are prompted to favourite your practice.

App prompt

For more information regarding the In-Practice Patient Communication click here, or for handy tips on how to promote online bookings in your practice check out our blog post 

I cannot see my practice when I click the specialty  (e.g.General Practitioner) button, why?
The specialty (e.g.General Practitioner) search is the HealthEngine marketplace and shows those appointments that are published/available on If you would like your appointments to appear in this section of the app you must have Appointment Marketing enabled.

If you have any questions regarding the favourite your practice feature please contact our friendly support team on 1300 377 699 or

Source:  2014 AIMIA Mobile Phone Lifestyle Index