The new HealthEngine apps are coming!

We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on. Got our notification but want more details? Read our frequently asked questions:

Why are you changing the HealthEngine app?

We spoke to our users and knew it was time for a big update. Our app needs to be easy to use, reliable, and make managing your healthcare a bit less confusing.

We’ve redesigned our app to provide clear and simple navigation with a fresh modern look. Our development team has also done a significant amount of work under the hood to improve performance and ensure you can complete tasks without encountering issues. We have big plans for our app and this update allows us to continue investing in better healthcare experiences for you.

Will all the features of the old app be available in the new app?

The most used features of the old app will continue to be available in the new app. In some cases, we’re still working on more features and will be releasing updates to incorporate more functionality into the new app.

Other, lesser used items have been removed in order to provide a more streamlined and relevant experience. For example, if you used Medication Manager in iOS, you should have already received notification that this feature will no longer be available in the new app.

When will I see the new app?

The new apps will be releasing on the App Store and Play Store towards the end of March. We’ll start the process of migrating existing users to the new app at that time. There’s nothing you need to do besides update the app like usual.

Do I need a HealthEngine account to use the new app?

A HealthEngine account provides the best app experience. With an account, you can save your preferred doctors and practices to My Care Team, make quick bookings with saved patient profiles, and manage your upcoming bookings and past history. If you don’t want to create an account, you can still use the app to simply find and book appointments without these extra features.

What are some highlights of the changes?

  • My Care Team – saving profiles to My Care Team via the same heart icon provides easy access to your healthcare providers right on the home page. Quickly book from there or pull up their contact info.
  • Search bar – our new search bar lets you search for practices and practitioners directly by name. And it’s much faster!
  • Find & book – thought we were just for GP bookings? Guess again. On the Find & Book tab you can see other specialties and explore appointments available in your area. The filtering options may look a little bare right now, but don’t fret – we have more coming in the following updates.
  • Profiles – updated the layout on practice profiles so you can conveniently find the info that’s most important to you. Full practitioner profiles have also been added on Android!
  • Booking – new, simple navigation and lots of work under the hood to make bookings more reliable.  
  • Upcoming appointments – manage your upcoming appointments and conveniently access the practice’s contact info by simply tapping on the home screen card.


We’d like to send a huge thank you to everyone that participated in our beta program over the last couple months. Your feedback and bug reports have been invaluable and helped us create a better app for public release.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to