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We are thrilled to welcome Naomi Cook, a Registered Nurse, Author, Freelance Writer and Mum of Two. She blogs at about all aspects of Health, Wellbeing, Healthcare Policy and Health Ethics. Naomi will be a regular on HealthEngine’s blog with her healthy tips. Don’t forget though to make that regular checkup appointment with your GP.

Naomi is a self-proclaimed Health Activist and writes to share her own ideas as well as to spread evidenced based medical knowledge with readers when appropriate. She is passionate about reforming society’s perception of and attitudes to Germs in the Twenty-First Century, she believes it’s time that as a human race we started to RE-Respect the Germ. She is also passionate about the Mental Health and Wellbeing of our youth, particularly with regards to the rise of violence in children’s books and the objectification and sexploitation of women in the media.

She anchors her online campaigns with grassroots community based campaigns within her local and broader community by educating community members on matters of health and hygiene as well as empowering them to be proactive in facilitating change. ‘Stop Gastro Spread’ and ‘Hand-Washing in Schools’ are her two current community campaigns.

Naomi is writing a children’s fantasy-adventure trilogy called: The Pharaoh Prophecies about two children who get blasted back in time to ancient Egypt and end up having to save the world as they know it from total destruction. She is also writing a preschool picture book series called Astro Nurse, about a nurse living in the future who flies all over the Universe tending to sick aliens. The series aims to introduce young children to concepts of health and wellness as well as acting as a stimulus for further discussion with parents and teachers.

You can read more about Naomi’s books and find more about her campaigns and thoughts on health and wellness at, Naomi Cook Writer/Author on Facebook, or follow her on Twitter @NaomiRCook.