Online Health Appointment Booking Market Matures In Australia

5 years ago a US based startup known as ZocDoc launched at TechCrunch40 after being elected as one of the 40 hottest startups globally by Michael Arrington and his team. Not a small compliment, considering they have reviewed thousands of companies in the TechCrunch Blog (one of the top 3 tech blogs worldwide). ZocDoc founded a new industry and using disruptive technology showed others around the world how easy it could be to make an appointment with a doctor from your own computer.

In 2013, the Australian market leader in the online health appointment booking space is HealthEngine, who recently attracted $10.4 million investment from partners Telstra Ventures and the Seven West Media Group. HealthEngine’s unique difference is that is has grown from a directory with significant site traffic to be able to add other services such it’s open appointments service, allowing consumers to book their own healthcare appointments online and via their app.

Building a double sided marketplace where doctors list their appointments and consumers book them can be challenging and take buckets of cash but with a solid strategy of building consumer traffic first, HealthEngine was easily able to capture the market. Couple this with a unique business model which is based on performance.

Free to use for the consumer, healthcare practitioners only pay for the service when they receive a booking. Makes sense? Sure does. Consumers are currently booking some 10,000 health appointments per month via the HealthEngine site.