Practice Recognition Program FAQ

Why have you decided to launch this practice recognition system?

HealthEngine is committed to improving healthcare in Australia, driving better care and service from practices and helping patients make more informed choices about their health options.

We believe part of this involves recognising and rewarding practices who consistently deliver high levels of patient satisfaction, and as an aspirational service, our system is designed to do exactly that.

Where does my practice’s patient satisfaction levels come from?

HealthEngine sends a survey to every patient following the completion of their appointment. Their feedback is used to assist with improving the service that both HealthEngine and your practice can deliver to the patient.

In the post-appointment survey, HealthEngine asks a number of questions, including:

  • “Would you recommend others to this practice?” – We use this to calculate your practice’s patient satisfaction level.
  • “Do you have any general feedback or comments about the practice you visited?” – If approved by HealthEngine’s moderation team, we use this to publish a review on your profile page.

Are patients aware that their feedback is being used for this purpose?

HealthEngine includes a disclaimer in every post-appointment survey that states that feedback given may be used anonymously for customer improvement and marketing purposes.

How do you calculate my practice’s patient satisfaction level?

On the question of whether or not a patient would recommend others to your practice, the patient can either answer “Yes” or “No”.

Your practice’s patient satisfaction level is simply a percentage of the number of “Yes” responses over the total number of responses gathered in the past year. We understand that practices can change over time, so adding a time component ensures that patient satisfaction levels are always kept fresh and relevant.

Do you publish all patient satisfaction levels? Why are there no practices with low patient satisfaction levels?

HealthEngine’s patient satisfaction level and reviews platform is designed to be positive and aspirational. We want to reward practices that demonstrate quality of service in healthcare. As such, we only publish patient satisfaction levels that meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum of 80% patient satisfaction level.
  • 10 or more votes within the last year.

If your practice has not met this criteria, we will not display a numeric patient satisfaction level on your profile page and explain to the user that insufficient data is available to calculate a patient satisfaction level percentage.

What can I do to improve my practice’s patient satisfaction level?

Your patient satisfaction level will ultimately be improved by demonstrating to your patients that your practice can consistently deliver a high quality of service. This can include everything from improving the front desk experience and waiting room to adopting new technologies to help patients gain better access to your practice.

Can I pay to be recognised? How can you be sure that the system is fair?

As an aspirational and merit-based system, your practice’s patient satisfaction level is strictly influenced by each patient’s perception of his/her overall experience at your practice. HealthEngine does not allow practices to pay to achieve a certain result, nor do we allow patients or your competition to game the system a certain way; each bit of feedback is left by a verified patient who has booked via HealthEngine and attended their appointment.

Does my patient satisfaction affect my ranking in HealthEngine’s search results?

HealthEngine’s current presentation of search results is determined by multiple factors that does not currently include your practice’s patient satisfaction level.

Can I dispute my patient satisfaction level percentage?

Your practice’s patient satisfaction level percentage is calculated and constantly updated based on a certain set of rules. If you have concerns about its calculation, you may contact HealthEngine at any time to discuss it, but we are unable to modify your practice’s patient satisfaction level percentage if you are simply unhappy with the number.

Do you publish everything a patient says about my practice?

No. First and foremost, as an aspirational and positive platform, HealthEngine currently only permits positive feedback to be posted on your practice’s profile page.

In addition, HealthEngine has implemented guidelines with consideration given to the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) Guidelines and National Law to ensure that patient feedback is moderated to exclude any discussion about patient-practitioner “clinical” interaction and confidential medical information.

As such, a review that is moderated by HealthEngine and approved to appear on your profile page will be positive and only discuss the high quality of service demonstrated by your practice. Through its publication, we see it as a way for your practice to be rewarded.

What do you do with negative feedback?

HealthEngine will continue to confidentially pass negative feedback directly on to your practice. We will not publish negative feedback on your practice’s profile page.

Can I hide reviews?

Yes. While all reviews always pass through HealthEngine’s moderation filter, your practice will have the ability to hide a review via HealthEngine’s Practice Admin dashboard.

Can I respond to a specific review?

At this point in time, practices are unable to respond to a specific review. However, we are actively exploring new features to add to the system, and may allow practices to respond in a future update.

Are patient satisfaction levels and reviews specific to practices only, or does it include practitioners as well?

Patient satisfaction levels and reviews are only applicable to practices. We currently do not gather or publish any patient satisfaction levels and reviews specific to practitioners.

Where do you publish my practice’s patient satisfaction levels and reviews?

Your practice’s patient satisfaction levels and the associated award for reaching an outstanding level is visible on your practice profile page and relevant listing in our appointment and directory search interfaces.

Reviews are only visible on your practice profile page.

Are the reviews on HealthEngine considered to be testimonials?

No, the reviews on HealthEngine are not considered to be testimonials. According to AHPRA, “a review is not considered to be a testimonial or purported testimonial, in breach of section 133 (1)(c) of the National Law when it only comments on non-clinical issues, regardless of whether it is positive, negative or neutral.”

Through our moderation guidelines, HealthEngine ensures that any reviews approved for publication are non-clinical in nature, and where there is any mention of clinical care, it will not be published.

Can I see who left each patient recognition rating or review?

No. While we are transparent about the number of votes submitted for your practice, we do not expose the identities of each participating patient.

Similarly with each review that is published on HealthEngine, we exclude information that may identify a patient and only show their location and when they attended the practice.

I do not want to participate in this initiative. Can I opt out?

Yes. While HealthEngine has taken care to give extensive consideration to the AHPRA Guidelines and National Law and believes this initiative to be beneficial to excellent practices, you will still retain the ability to opt out of the initiative, either via HealthEngine’s Practice Admin dashboard or by contacting our friendly Practice Support team.

Have you spoken to the peak bodies about this initiative?

HealthEngine is currently undergoing extensive consultation with peak bodies such as the AMA, AGPAL, RACGP, and ADA about this initiative.

All feedback provided by the peak bodies will be taken into account to ensure fairness and appropriateness.

I have concerns that this does not abide by the AHPRA Guidelines and National Law. Who can I talk to?

If you still have specific concerns, please do not hesitate to contact HealthEngine’s CEO and Medical Director, Dr Marcus Tan at