Refer a friend

Every time a friend downloads and installs the HealthEngine app from your unique referral link, then makes booking and attends the appointment, you and your friend will each receive a $10 voucher.

Terms and Conditions

Referral Validity

A valid referral is one in which you (the referrer) share your unique referral link to another user (the referred), prompting them to download and install the HealthEngine app and make a booking.

Referrers need not have ever booked an appointment on HealthEngine, but referred users must make a booking via the HealthEngine app and attend the appointment in order for the referral to be successfully recorded.

Receiving and Redeeming Vouchers

Once a referral has been successfully recorded, both the referrer and referred user will each be eligible to receive the voucher featured at the time the referral is recorded. Vouchers will be sent via e-mail within 7 days from the recording of the referral to:

  • in the case of the referrer, the e-mail address specified on the “Refer a friend” screen at the time of the referral; or
  • in the case of the referred user, to the e-mail address specified in the confirmed booking.

Qualifying Bookings

The referred user must have a confirmed booking via the HealthEngine app, and attend the appointment in order for the referrer and referred user to be deemed eligible to earn vouchers. Cancelled bookings, bookings which the referred user does not attend the appointment for, and/or bookings made by the referred user on behalf of the referrer do not qualify for a voucher.

Multiple Referrals

From time to time, a potential referred user may be sent multiple unique referral links by multiple referrers. The referral will only be attached to the unique referral link used by the referred user to download and install the app.

Deleting and installing the app will not constitute a new referral.

Program Availability

At this time, the ability to refer is only available to users of the HealthEngine iOS app based in Western Australia. There are plans to extend the ability to refer to users in other states and on other platforms, so stay tuned.

The referral program is available for a limited time only, and terms and conditions are subject to change at any time.
Should we notice any activity deemed abuse of the referral program, we reserve the right to suspend your ability to refer and be referred, and/or remove recorded referrals.