Sandra Reynolds: The $120 Food Challenge

Sandra Reynolds - The $120 Food Challenge

Sandra Reynolds survived long-term unemployment payments and Aldi checkout lines along the way and turned personal adversity and penury into a thriving cooking blog. She has created, written and shared over 1000 nutritious, low-cost and family-friendly recipes for her blog The $120 Food Challenge and encouraged thousands of people on low incomes to do more in the kitchen with less.

Her first cookbook, The $120 Food Challenge is published by Penguin Viking and Sandra is now writing her second cookbook. She still shops at Aldi every week.

BUPA Health Influencer Blog Awards 2013

Sandra Reynolds was also the Social Good – Category Winner at the inaugural BUPA Health Influencer Blog Awards in July 2013 for her The $120 Food Challenge blog.

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BUPA Health Influencer Blog Awards


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You can also find Sandra and The $120 Food Challenge on:

Twitter:        @120dollarsfood


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The $120 Food Challenge Book


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“CAN YOU FEED A FAMILY OF FOUR ON $120 PER WEEK? In these days of rising food costs it sounds impossible, but Sandra Reynolds – home cook, household budget supremo and single mum – shows us how. Based on Sandra’s enormously successful blog, this book provides tried-and-tested advice on how to budget, plan meals, shop strategically and cook from more than 100 delicious recipes, such as slow-cooked lamb shoulder, roast vegetable calzone and chocolate lava puddings. Generous, inspired and chock-full of old-fashioned kitchen wisdom, The $120 Food Challenge will have you eating healthier and tastier food for a fraction of the cost.” – Penguin Books Australia


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