Meet Tavi Gevinson, The Voice of Youth

Tavi Gevinson

She’s been called the voice of her generation. The future of journalism. A style icon. A muse. Oh, and she’s still in high school.

HealthEngine caught up with Tavi Gevinson at a bloggers brunch hosted in Sydney on the eve of her Australia visit to find out how teens really think. And yes our app was hotly sort after as a download on the day. Seems this generation is keen to have tools to manage their health and wellbeing at their finger tips.

Tavi Gevinson has gone from bedroom blogger to founder and editor-in-chief of influential website and print series, Rookie in just a few years. It attracted 1 million views within six days of launching in 2011, and has featured contributors such as Lena Dunham, Zooey Deschanel, Thom Yorke, Joss Whedon, Malcolm Gladwell, and Sarah Silverman. Tavi has also written for NPR Books, Vogue UK, and The Believer.

At just thirteen, Tavi was front row at New York and Paris Fashion Week shows. But her age isn’t a novelty – it’s what allows her to directly connect with a new generation of readers. Her magazine covers a range of topics, from feminism to pop culture to the teenage condition, and her truly unique voice reveals a keen intellect that isn’t afraid to slow down and contemplate everyday life in search of what it means to be a girl and a person.

Tavi inspires thousands of women and girls to embrace their individuality and eccentricities.  She is out to prove that youth are capable of running the joint, that fashion and feminism can indeed be BFFs, and that it’s okay to figure things out as you go.

“I went to Paris fashion week for the first time when I was 13. People were confused about my being there for a few reasons; one was that I was a blogger. I think people were angry that someone younger than them had figured it out. They would talk about how inappropriate it was for someone my age to be at fashion week. But this is coming from an industry that fetishizes youth”  Tavi Gevinson

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An online editor and feminist who encourages young women to embrace their complexity, Tavi Gevinson’s Australian debut took place at the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall on Sunday 18th August as part of Ideas at the House and in collaboration with Melbourne Writers Festival. She spoke to 1500 people in her first Australian speaking gig.


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