The iOS app looks different and is different. But why the change and what’s new?

We’re continually working hard to improve our services to you. Finding your practice on the iOS app is now easier than ever before. Your patients can find and book an appointment with you at the click of a button.

Why should your patients download the new iOS app today?

It’s now even easier for patients to favourite their local practice which will, in turn, maximise repeat visits to your practice. The new app:



• Detects when patients are sitting in the waiting room.
• Prompts patients to add your practice to their list of favourites.
• Allows patients to favourite an unlimited variety of practices to their home screen.


The new user interface makes it even easier for patients to find appointments and view their bookings. The app now:



• Makes it simpler to book and manage health appointments.
• Contains an improved booking form for quicker appointment bookings.
• Remembers patients booking profile information across subsequent bookings.


Why should you promote and download the new iOS app today?

Promoting the new IOS app can:
• Improve online booking numbers.
• Increase repeat visits.

How can you promote the new iOS app in your practice?
• Ask patients if they have the app when they check in.
• Explain the above benefits to your patients.
• Get patients to download the app while they are waiting.
• Attach a HealthEngine appointment card or flyer to their receipt.

The new iOS app is available to download right now from the App Store. If you and your patients are using the app already, simply download the upgrade to enjoy all the new features and see the benefits it will have to your practice.

Have more questions? We have more answers. Check out the FAQs below. 


How do your patients get their appointments to show in the new iOS app?

Version 3.3 of the iOS app, released on 8 July 2015, made a change to the way appointments are tracked. Appointments are now linked to the patients HealthEngine account instead of their mobile phone number. The iOS app will show all of the appointments they have made while they are logged into their HealthEngine account. In order to see their appointments, they need to be logged into their HealthEngine account at the time of their booking in order to view their appointment.

To log into their HealthEngine account, they need to go to the Settings tab, then tap the “Log In” button at the top of the screen. The log in screen will also let them create a HealthEngine account if they don’t currently have one.

Does your patient need to enter their appointment details every time they make a booking? 

Version 3.4 of the iOS app, released on 3 August 2015, will now remember all patient information (name, email, mobile, address) when they make a booking, and it will automatically fill out that information when they make their next booking.

Since patient information is linked to their HealthEngine account, they must be logged into their HealthEngine account for this functionality to work.

Can patients save your practice and your practitioners?

In the iOS app, patients can favourite as many practices as they like.  The favourite their practice feature will appear on the main appointment search screen. Currently the app is unable to favourite a specific practitioner.

Is it possible for patients to favourite multiple practices?

Since version 3.3 of the iOS app, there is no limit to the number of practices patients can mark as a favourite.

The Android version of the app still has the limitation of one “home practice” for each specialty.

How can patients reset their password?

If a patient has version 3.4 of the iOS app, they can reset their password from the log in screen within the app. They can tap the email field as if they are going to log in, and they’ll see a button “Forgot your password?” appear below.  They will need to tap this button, enter their email address, and the app will email them a link to reset their password.

They can also reset their password from the HealthEngine website.

Has there been any change to the list of practices in the app?

There has been no change to the practices or practitioners listed in the app.  Patients can send the name of the practice they are looking for and we can check to see why it isn’t listed, or help them find it in the app.

Can a patient book an appointment with a Podiatrist?

At the moment, a patient cannot book an appointment with a Podiatrist through the app. We will be adding other specialties back to the iOS app in the upcoming version.

What can patients do if they get an error message when they try to book an appointment?

Patients can send a screenshot of the error message, along with the name and location of the practice they are trying to book an appointment with.  We will look into it and get the error fixed as soon as possible. In the meantime, they can try booking that appointment from the HealthEngine website.