Top Tips for Facebook Posts

With many practices now using Facebook as a way to communicate with patients, I thought I would share some of my tops tips for posting and community management to ensure you are making the most out of your page.

Tara Photo
By Tara Heath – Marketing Manager HealthEngine

Your ideal Facebook post
– 40-120 characters performs best (anything over 140 characters performs poorly).
– Imagery or video is needed in every post.
– Links to additional content and materials are essential; ideally to content you own.

– Ensure you do not breach security and confidentiality. If you are not sure, don’t post it.
– Mix up your content and see what works. Some of the content you could post includes health awareness, exciting news happening at your practice, new services available and reminders about services (i.e. flu shot time).
– Be timely and relevant. Use the general news to gather content relevant to your practice. Facebook is a great place to start a conversation.

How to manage your community
– Monitor your page daily.
– Monitor your page after each post as this is when comments are most likely to be received and when engagement might be required.
– Where possible do not delete comments (unless of course it is deemed offensive). Instead respond, as sweeping them under the rug just won’t work on social media.

If used correctly Facebook is a great way to share information about your practice, provide support to your patients and raise awareness. It is however something that won’t just happen. It requires an investment of time and money. So make sure your practice is committed before setting up a page.

Tara Heath is the Marketing Manager at HealthEngine with over 10 years experience in both traditional and digital marketing platforms. Her role at HealthEngine involves managing the patient and practice communications. She believes in utilising the latest marketing strategies, platforms and best practice methodology.